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Fruit trees for planting along a wall or fence

Would you like a fruit tree, or a few trees, for training along a wall or a solid fence? This is of course possible, and we can provide the advice needed to ensure that they do well. More information on our Fruit tree varieties page.

Fruit trees are site-specific, and a wall or fence can considerably modify the micro-climate for the fruit tree.

A fence or wall is the classic position for a trained fruit tree. See our web page on tree training for further details.

Once we have received your no-obligation request, we will provide recommendations on suitability of tree varieties according to your location by email. For any general requests, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or using the Contact form on this page.

Fan-shaped tree

September tip: espalier and fan wires

If you are intending to plant trees to be trained as espalier or fan, now is the time to install the horizontal wires. Read more here:

How to train an espalier tree

Dan Neuteboom demonstrates the first four years of training an espalier-type fruit tree, at his base in Suffolk, U.K. Apologies for the less-then-perfect sound quality! For further information, please see