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Pear varieties

In general, pears flower earlier in compared with apples. Therefore the risk of spring frost damage is relevant throughout the UK. However, even in the North, in the areas where the Gulf Stream has a strong influence, or on the east coast in areas relatively close to the sea, pear growing can be very successful.

In areas where bullfinches are common, real damage can be caused by these birds during the winter months if other food resources are in short supply.

On the other hand, pears like well-drained heavy soils. The size of the fruit of pear trees is very much related to the available moisture. For that reason alone, pears are not really suited to light land, unless well irrigated and a plentiful supply of organic matter. Dried chicken manure, which is high in nitrogen, is particularly suited to pears.

To summarize, if growing conditions are favourable, pears can be a real winner if trained along south or western walls in the shape of a fan or espalier.

Click on the links below to read more about each variety.


Beurre Hardy



Doyenne du Comice

Packhams Triumph

Williams Bon Cretien

Winter Nelis

2 responses to “Pear varieties

  1. Jacky Stevens April 28, 2017 at 8:39 am

    Hello, We have a south-facing wall (of an extension) against which we would like to grow an espalier, preferably pear as we have 2 apple trees in the garden. Is it too late to plant out a pear tree now? We’d prefer a conference pear by choice but note your guidance refers to a ‘pollinator’. What is this please? Many thanks J. S.

    • realenglishfruit May 23, 2017 at 4:48 am

      If it is a south facing wall, then Conference will be fine. However cover the tree, once blossoming starts, with a double layer of fleece. This to stop frost damage to the flowers. Remove the fleece as soon as the temperatures are above freezing again.

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