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Watering update for newly-planted trees in the UK

Young trees and newly planted trees are now at a critical stage of their development. Rainfall in the UK is very erratic at this time of the year. These young trees are now very much depending on local showers which may not come in time. Therefore supply these trees with help, when they need it most; SUPPLY EACH TREE WITH A FULL WATERING CAN OF 5 TO 10 LITRES OF WATER, DEPENDING ON THE SIZE AND AGE OF THE TREE, NOW. In that way new roots can be formed and at the same time plenty of moisture will be available for the rapidly increasing canopy of foliage.


2 responses to “Watering update for newly-planted trees in the UK

  1. Don Nicolson May 23, 2016 at 8:33 am

    I have planted two pear trees about six weeks ago and so far they have shown no sign of growth , I dragged my nail over the outer bark and it shows green ,so I am assuming they is still life there as I do not need the place I have decided to leave them alone for the time being Will they come on in time ??? Regards Don

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