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D’Arcy Spice

One response to “D’Arcy Spice

  1. Kevin Turtill August 4, 2011 at 6:59 pm

    I’m from Colchester originally, though I now live on the Suffolk coast. D’arcy spice is my all time favorite apple. As kids, we used to cycle out to the orchards where they were grown to earn a bit of pocket money during the harvest. The piquant, aromatic taste is one of the sensations that take me back to my childhood. You can still buy them from orchards around Tollshunt D’arcy just west of Colchester. I make a special trip to stock up on them each autumn.
    I’ve been growing one as an espalier in my garden near Westleton without any problems. True, the crops are not huge, (well, o.k. quite small) but it is a victory of quality over quantity here – after all, you can buy your bog standard apples anywhere – the space in your own garden should be given over to something special and they don’t come much more special than D’Arcy Spice. The important thing with this apple is that it shouldn’t be eaten straight from the tree; it needs to sit for a few weeks until the flesh gets a bit soft before it gets the best flavour (similar to Egremont Russets). The best flavour also develops during a hot summer.
    Hope this information helps if anyone is thinking about this apple.

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